About Pär

Pär Olofsson (born 1973) is a Swedish composer, conductor and organist based in Stockholm,
Sweden. After completed medical studies, Pär attended the royal college of music in Stockholm and studied organ, piano, conducting, voice and music theory. Pär graduated with a masters degree in church music in 2003, and a masters degree in composition and film scoring in 2018.


Pär_Olofsson_photo_by_Joel_Nilsson Foto: Joel Nilsson

Pär is currently holding a position as music supervisor and choir director at Oscarskyrkan (King Oscar´s church), in central Stockholm. As head of the college of musicians, Pär manages the music programme of four churches, four fellow organists/conductors, as well as 300 choristers divided into eight choir groups.
As a conductor, Pär is specialised in contemporary a capella music. He has founded Oscars Motettkör, a semi-professional chamber choir, as well as Oscars Youth choir. These groups have participated in many first performances, and have also successfully toured both Europe and Asia. Pär frequently conducts the major works for choir and orchestra.


As a composer, Pär is most prolific in the field of choral and vocal music. In his many compositions and countless arrangements, he combines rich and generous sonorities and whimsical ideas with rigorous craftsmanship and strict thematic development. He has written for a large number of formats ranging from solo voice to full orchestra. His works has been premiered by leading soloists and choral conductors in Sweden such as Petja Svensson, Gary Graden, Fredrik Malmberg and Karl Magnus Fredriksson, and have been broadcast on national radio. He has received commissions from many larger Swedish churches and his works and arrangements are frequently performed. Pär has been a member of the Swedish Composer´s Society since 2011.