Aleluya Dances

Danssvit för SATB (div.) eller SSAA (div.) med slagverk (ad lib.)
Durata 5´

Introduction- Round- Waltz- Bossa Nova- Finale

SATB version:


Aleluya Dances is a is a dance suite for female or mixed choir originally composed for Oscar´s Youth choir´s participation in the international competition “Musica sacra a Roma”. The suite is a playful and humorous song of praise, utilizing a nonsense text constructed from the syllables: A-LE-LU-YA.

The main theme is presented in a brief introduction. The character of the different dances are underlined by the use of different percussion instruments. The first dance, a sturdy round, is conjured by a hand drum and slapping by the singers on their thighs. The second dance, a gracious waltz, is accompanied by a triangle. Thirdly in the Bossa Nova the rhythm is underlined by a shaker. In the finale, all the instruments come together for a rousing statement of: ALELUYA!

 Performance Notes

The Aleluya dances is a humorous and playful piece, this should be evident through every aspect of performance. A tounge-in-cheek character must be maintained throughout. The dances should also be differentiated by using contrasting tone of voice: The introduction spacious and sparkling; the round sturdy and grounded; the waltz equal and sonorous; the finale crisp and concise.

Waltz: Take special care in the interplay of voices regarding the pure intervals.

Bossa Nova: Do not perform to sharply! The section should have a soft latin feel.

The percussion instrument are all standard. The hand drum should be tuned fairly low.

Sample score SATB-version
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Sample score SSAA-version
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